2019 Schedule of Events:

April 13thTower Park ( Assemble at 1300)Lexington, MA
May 18th-19thWellesley Weekend and ParadeWellesley, MA
27thAndover ParadeAndover, MA
July13thAmerican Independence FestivalExeter, NH
Aug10th-11th Fort McClary Kittery, ME
Sept14th-15thBrown Raid Ticonderoga, NY
Oct12th-13th Mt Harmon Earleville, MD

2018 Schedule of Events:

April14thTower ParkLexington, MA
May18th-20thWellesley Weekend and ParadeWellesley, MA
28thAndover ParadeAndover, MA
July14thAmerican Independence FestivalExeter, NH
Sept15th-16thMt HarmonEarleville, MD
29th-30thFort at #4Charlestown, NH

2017 Schedule of Events:

April15thTower ParkLexington, MA
May20th-21stWellesley Weekend and ParadeWellesley, MA
29thAndover ParadeAndover, MA
July15thAmerican Independence FestivalExeter, NH
Aug12th-13thFort McClaryKittery, ME
Sept16th-17thBattle of BrandywineBirmingham Township, PA
30th-Oct 1stFort at #4Charlestown, NH

2016 Schedule of Events:

April16th-17thBattle Road, Minuteman National Park & Tower ParkLexington, MA and Lincoln, MA
30th-May 1stMount Vernon, VA Encampment & SkirmishVernon, VA
May21st-22ndWellesly Weekend and ParadeWellesly, MA
30thAndover ParadeAndover, MA
June12thWayside Inn and Cub Scout troupe gatheringSudbury, MA
July16thAmerican Independence FestivalExeter, NH
Aug6th-7thOld Sturbridge VillageSturbridge, MA
13th-14thFort McClaryKittery Point, ME
Sept17th-18th240th Anniversary of the battle of Long IslandMonmouth, NJ
Oct1st-2ndFort #4Charlestown, NH
22nd-23rdBattle of Red Horse TavernSudbury, MA

2015 Schedule of Events:

April18thTower ParkLexington, MA
May16th – 17thWellesly WeekendWellesly, MA
25thAndover ParadeAndover, MA
30th-31stBattle of Bunker HillEpping, NH
June6thArtillery School, With John TaberCT
July18thIndependence Day FestivalExeter, NH
Aug8th-9thFort McClary(Company Picnic)Kittery Point, ME
15th-16thYarmouth Boy Scout ReservationYarmouth, MA
Sept12th-13thFort TiconderogaTiconderoga, NY
19th-20thFort at #4Charlestown, NH
Oct3rd-4thBattle of SegragansettDighton, MA
24thBattle of Red Horse TavernSudbury, MA

2014 Schedule of Events:

April19thTower ParkLexington, MA
May17th – 19thWelleslyWellesly, MA
26thAndover ParadeAndover, MA
June14th – 15thFort Ontario EncampmentOswego, NY
21st – 22ndStarks Muster at Fort #4Charlestown, NH
July4thSudbury ParadeSudbury, MA
12thAmerican Independence FestivalExeter, NH
19th – 20thGen. Burgoyne captuer of Ft. TiTiconderoga, NY
Aug2nd – 3rdOld Sturbridge VillageSturbridge, MA
9th – 10thFort McClaryKittery Point, ME
23rd – 24thFort TaborNew Bedford, MA
Sept20th – 21stFort at #4Charlestown, NH
Oct25th – 26thMount Harmon PlantationEarleville, MD
Nov1stBattle of Red Horse TavernWayside Inn

2013 Schedule of Events:

April13thBattle RoadLincoln, MA.
May18th-19thWellesly Weekend and ParadeWellesly, MA.
27thAndover Memorial Day Weekend ParadeAndover, MA.
June15th-16thBattle of Monmouth, NJ (CL/BB/BAR event)Monmouth, NJ
July4th4th of July ParadeSudbury, MA.
20thAmerican Independence FestivalExeter, NH.
Aug3rd-4thOld Sturbridge VillageSturbridge, MA.
10th-11thRoyal Irish Event at Fort McClaryKittery, ME.
24th-35thFort at #4 EncampmentCharlestown, NH
Sept14th-15thFort TiconderogaTiconderoga, NY.
Oct19th-20stBattle of the HookGloucester Point, VA

2012 Schedule of Events:

April14thBattle RoadLincoln, MA.
May19th-20thWellesly Weekend and ParadeWellesly, MA.
28thAndover Memorial Day Weekend ParadeAndover, MA.
June9th-10thRock Ford PlantationLancaster, PA.
July4th4th of July ParadeSudbury, MA.
21stAmerican Independence FestivalExeter, NH.
Aug4th-5thOld Sturbridge VillageSturbridge, MA.
11th-12thRoyal Irish Event at Fort McClaryKittery, ME.
Sept8th-9thFort TiconderogaTiconderoga, NY.
15th-16thFort at #4 EncampmentCharlestown, NH.
Oct20th-21stBattle of Pearson FarmMillbury, MA.
27thBattle of the Red Horse TavernSudbury, MA.

2011 Schedule of Events:

April16thBattle RoadLincoln, MA.
May21st-22ndWellesly Weekend and ParadeWellesly, MA.
30thAndover Memorial Day Weekend ParadeAndover, MA.
June18th-19thDerby WharfSalem, MA.
July4th4th of July ParadeSudbury, MA.
16thAmerican Independence FestivalExeter, NH.
Aug6th-7thOld Sturbridge Village. Redcoats and RebelsSturbridge, MA.
12th-14thRoyal Irish Event at Fort McClaryKittery, ME.
Sept10th-11thFort TiconderogaTiconderoga, NY.
24th-25thMount Harmon PlantationEarleville, MD.
Oct1st-2ndFort #4 EncampmentCharlestown, NH.
15th-16thThe Burning of KingstonKingston, NY.

2010 Schedule of Events:

April17th-18thBattle RoadLexington, MA.
May22nd-23rdWellesly Weekend and ParadeWellesly, MA.
31stAndover Memorial Day Weekend ParadeAndover, MA.
June12th-13thLittle FarmNewbury, MA.
July5thChelmsford ParadeChelmsford, MA.
17th-18thAmerican Independence FestivalExeter, NH.
Aug7th-8thOld Sturbridge Village. Redcoats and RebelsSturbridge, MA.
14th-15thRoyal Irish Event at Fort McClaryKittery, ME.
28th-29thFort TaberNew Bedford, MA.
Sept11th-12thFort TiconderogaTiconderoga, NY.
25th-26thPhilidelphia 1777 Campaign at Brandywine Creek State ParkWilmington, DE.
Oct16th-17thRichardson’s TavernMillis, MA.

2009 Schedule of Events:

April18thBattle RoadLexington, MA.
May16thWellesly Weekend and ParadeWellesly, MA.
25thAndover ParadeAndover, MA.
June5th-7thTewksbury’s 275th AnniversaryTewksbury, MA.
13th-14thRevolutionary War Weekend at Fort OntarioOswego, NY.
July18th-19thAmerican Independence FestivalExeter, NH.
Aug1st-2ndOld Sturbridge Village. Redcoats and RebelsSturbridge, MA.
8th-9thRoyal Irish Event at Fort McClaryS. Berwick, ME.
Sept11th-13thFort TiconderogaTiconderoga, NY.
19th-20thGelston Castle, Mohawk ValleyWarren, NY.
Oct16th-18thThe Burning of KingstonKingston, NY.

2008 Schedule of Events:

April13thKimball’s FarmWestford, MA.
19thBattle RoadLexington, MA.
May17th-18thWellesly Weekend and ParadeWellesly, MA.
26thAndover Parade (10am step-off)Andover, MA.
June6th-8th200th Anniversary of West Boylston EncampmentWest Boylston, MA.
21st-22ndBattle of Monmouth – BB EventFreehold, NJ.
July19thAmerican Independence FestivalExeter, NH.
19thDorcus SocietyHollis, ME.
Aug1st-3rdOld Sturbridge Village EncampmentSturbridge, MA.
9th-10thRoyal Irish Event at Fort McClaryS. Berwick, ME.
Sept6th-7thFort TiconderogaTiconderoga, NY.
21stWest Boylston Bicentennial Parade (2pm step-off)West Boylston, MA.
29thSudbury Fair: 10am-4pmSudbury, MA.
Oct18th-19thBattle of the Hook – BB EventGloucester Point, VA.

2007 Schedule of Events:

April14thBattle Road (08:00)Lincoln, MA.
15thRussell House, Battle of Menotomy (12:30 step-off)Arlington, MA.
May19th-20thWellesly Weekend and ParadeWellesly, MA.
28thAndover ParadeAndover, MA.
Medford Parade – TentativeMedford, MA.
June2nd-3rdFort at #4 EncampmentsCharlestown, NH.
9th-10thBattle of Bordentown – BB EventBordentown, NJ.
9th-10thFramingham Flag Day – TentativeFramingham, MA.
July21stAmerican Independence FestivalExeter, NH.
28th-29thUpper Canada Village
Aug4th-5thRoyal Irish Event at Fort McClaryS. Berwick, ME.
18th-19thGrand Encampment at Fort TaberNew Bedford, MA.
Sept8th-9thFort TiconderogaTiconderoga, NY.
29thSudbury Fair & RecruitingSudbury, MA.
Oct5th-7th230th Anniversary Battle of Saratoga – BB EventPulvers Farm, Fort Edward, NY.
20th-21stBurning of KingstonKingston, NY.

2006 Schedule of Events:

April15thMinuteman ParkLexington, MA.
23rdRussell House, Battle of MenotomyArlington, MA.
May6thWork WeekendKen’s House.
20th-21stWellesly DemonstrationWellesly, MA.
June10th-11thSchool of the Soldier, Fort #4Charlestown, NH.
16th-18thRochambeau�s Advance GuardSouthbury, CT.
July1st-3rdFort William Henry EventPemiquad, ME.
15th-16thWatertown Treaty Day CelebrationWatertown, MA.
22nd-23rdWard Pound Ridge Reservation, 225th BAR/BB EventCross River, NY.
22ndDorcus SocietyHollis, ME.
Aug5th-6thRoyal Irish Event at Fort McClaryS. Berwick, ME.
11th-13thEvent (More info later)Bethel, ME.
Sept8th-10thFort William Henry, F&IPemiquad, ME.
Oct19th-22ndSiege of Yorktown, 225th BAR/BB EventYorktown, VA.

2005 Schedule of Events:

April16thBattle RoadLexington, MA.
17thJason Russel House.Arlington, MA.
May13th-15thBattle of Charleston. BB EventCharleston SC.
20th-22ndWellesly DemonstrationWellesly, MA.
July2nd-4thPemiquad, ME. EventPemiquad, ME.
8th-10thChrysler’s Farm. BB EventOntario, Canada.
15th-16thFt. Knox Scottish TattooProspect, ME.
16thDorcus SocietyHollis, ME.
29th-31stBillerica EventBillerica, MA.
Aug12th-14thMontpelier, Henry Knox EstateThomaston, ME.
19th-21stBattle of BenningtonBennington, VT.
Sept9th-11thFort TiconderogaTiconderoga, NY.
23rd-25thRedway PlanRehoboth, MA.
Oct7th-9thChelmsford EventChelmsford, MA.

2004 Schedule of Events:

May1st-2ndSutton. BB EventSutton, MA.
22nd-23rdWellesly DemonstrationWellesly, MA.
June4th-6thFort at #4Charlstown, NH.
19th-20thFort WesternAugusta, ME.
26th-27thWestford 275thWestford, MA.
July10th-11thFt. Ontario. BB EventOswego, NY.
17thDorcus FairHollis, ME.
30th-8/1stQuebec. BB EventQuebec, Ont.
Aug14th-15thCastine EventCastine, ME.
27th-19thBattle of Newton, 225th AnniversaryElmira, NY.
Sept11th-12thFort TiconderogaTiconderoga, NY.
Oct15th-17thBurning of KingstonKingston, NY.